Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gulf Coast vs. Florida: A Story Told through Facebook

After most of the country watched their bracket spontaneously implode this weekend, it was a silver lining for people to see a remote school called Florida Gulf Coast be the first 15 seed to advance to the Sweet 16. Being a western Florida native myself, I knew a decent amount of individuals who went to the nationally obscure school, so I felt particularly proud of the green and blue Eagles.

When I quickly went on Facebook Monday morning, a stunning revelation was unfolding. Improbably, FGCU was playing Florida. Not only were these two Florida schools playing each other, but this seemingly innocuous game has turned into the snarkiest Facebook war of words I've seen in awhile.

Although FGCU is not without fault, the really surprising part of this budding rivalry is the UF alumni, who have improbably become the low-brow ones in this war of words. Instead of a simple acknowledgement that FGCU has played extraordinarily well for two straight games, the "Harvard of the South" contingent has come out of the woodwork en masse proclaiming their superiority over their feeble minded counterparts. In full disclosure, I like UF, and I would have attended Florida if I didn't go to Boston College. But this enormous Gator ego deserves to get stomped Friday at 9:45 in Cowboys Stadium.

I do not condone anything written below. With no further adieu, I'd like to present the levels of snarky Facebook posts (in order from least snarky to most snarky):

1. The completely acceptable "End the Madness" post

2. The Creative and Mildly Disturbing Allegory post

3. The "Spraying Bullets Over Your Team and College Career" post

4. The Entirely Dismissive and Uncreative "We are Better than You" post

Here's to you Sherwood, Sherwood's speeches and tongue, Coach Enfield, Coach Enfield's wife, and the rest of Dunk City. It's time shoot down the Gator Hubris (as well as my bracket) and let FSU do the dancing.

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  1. Bravo. Sadly I think i recognize half of those statuses from my own Facebook. I would love to see FGCU put the Gators back in their place (even though I bet on UF to win the NC at the beginning of the year). It would be worth it


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